Why Creativity Is Like Washing A Pig

Moving Infographic

Theory and Narration: Prof. Luke Sullivan

Art direction & Illustration: Arundhati Prasad 

An analogy of the creative process for advertisers and creatives by Luke Sullivan (Prof of advertising at SCAD Savannah) from his book 'Hey Whipple Squeeze This'. Here prof. Sullivan compares the creative process to the act of washing a pig. It is messy, It has no rules and will make you feel stupid at first. 

Hope you enjoy this snackable motion graphic about

one of my favourite theories. 

Check out the incredible book here: heywhipple.com

Design and Motion

The tone and aesthetic for this infographic was humorous, goofy, and empathetic. The illustrations are in a limited colour palette and the type choice is hand written and rough. The motion takes place on a large art board and relies heavily on camera movement. There are moments where subtle movements and expressions convey the excitement, frustration and curiosity of the creative process. The voice over plays an important role in the piece as it is done by the author himself. His voice adds a valuable character to the whole project. 


Still Frames

Watch it here: