Stereotypes vs. Self concept

Photography & Art direction

As human beings, we judge and assess people all the time. We project our opinions and ideas on those whom we like, interact with or can’t stand sometimes. But how much do these assessments and opinions affect the people they’re aimed at?

The concept for this photo series emerged from observing people in their natural habitat. Their strengths, weaknesses, priorities and insecurities.


Stereotypes exist to engulf people all the time and this photo project places emphasis on one’s understanding of the self. It allows room for improvement and urges people to be easier on themselves. It matters more if your self-image is positive than what the public perception of you is.

Benetton’s new motto is about humanizing clothing. Recognizing reality and accepting people for who they are. This photo essay is powered by that sentiment.

It serves as a reminder, that three words of encouragement are enough to tackle a collage of negativity


'She's weird'

'Colombian? How's Pablo?'

'Definitely does drugs'

'Too tanned'




'He's stuck up'

'Super gay'


'Know it all'

'Kiss ass'

'Over achiever'


'She's bitchy'



'So extraaa'




'She's not woman enough'

'Thick boned'

'She's fat'


'She's not smart'

'Bug eyed'


'So Latin!'

'He's messy'

'Dumb as a rock'

'Professional procrastinator'

'Full of himself'



'She's too serious'

'Very competitive'

'Always busy'