Animal Planet

Network Rebrand

A network re-brand and mini social campaign for Discovery’s popular educational channel: Animal Planet.

The key message for this re-brand is Co-Exist.

We as humans, must learn to live and let live. Appreciating wild life and nature is the first step to harmony on this animal planet. 

Design and Motion

The illustrations, colour and type choices stem from an organic palette. They are an extension of Animal Planet’s natural brand aesthetic. The use of detailed layers and subtle motion is to keep the viewer curious and engaged till the logo is revealed. The choice of music is playful and unique. Using music from tribes who share a strong bond with nature is a way to emphasize the overarching idea of co-existence in this campaign.

Style Frames

Network ID


Stickeround for more

Illustrated informational stickers for middle school kids. Each sticker has a unique illustration of an animal with a QR code. On scanning the QR code through the Animal Planet app, one can reveal which animal it is,

its traits, habits and the environment it lives in.